S9 Ultra Smart Watch
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S9 Ultra Smart Watch

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Product Type: Smart Watch

1. Wear the device
2. Ultra-low power consumption chip
3. Heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen health monitoring
4. Bluetooth call
5. Three straps
Motherboard size: 26.8*13.4*0.8mm
CPU: YC1130/YC1133
G-sensor: support
APP: fitpro
Bluetooth: 5.0+5.0 dual mode
Bluetooth Antenna: Soldering Wire
LCD: 2.02
TP: COB capacitive touch
Heart rate sensor: support
Motor: support
Charging method: wireless charging
Microphone: support
Side key: FPC key, support knob
Horn: support
Earpiece: None, two-in-one with the speaker
Amplifier: support
Battery capacity: 200mah